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Eduardo Malvehy, a Catalan painter who has spent a good deal of time in Paris, now lives in Zaragoza. His work reflects his personal synthesis of the various environments in which he has formed his outlook. This can be appreciated in his ceramic still lifes, which show various pitchers, glasses and bottles combined in groups, and each item has its own character but does not disrupt the whole. We see it even better in his landscapes of a wide range of places: here, the air seems to have stopped still to give a vision which shares in the snapshot and good constructive order. Malvehy structures his paintings so that tangible reality serves as a guide to understanding the environment towards which each place is oriented. His landscapes are not those of the hurried tourist, but those of the artist who grounds himself in what he knows, to present his idea of the order which life should take. A well-educated painter, centred on concepts, defending a Europeanism whose essential features are harmonious relations.


- Member of the International Association of Art Critics -

Eduardo Malvehy is able to give his work a poetic, sensitive touch which is special and personal: his vision of reality. This is his starting-point, but there is more. He is beyond the objective, he knows and feels that he must go further, and he does so. His journeys have led him to experience and travel through many different territories, and to record them in his memory. He centres his subject matter on landscapes, urban sights, views of Paris and small ports on the Mediterranean coast, or mediaeval cities in Central Europe. His wonderful still lifes are also part of his subject matter. In particular, he enjoys light, the interplay of light and shadow, combined with a smooth, cerebral, Cartesian geometry which he unites with impulse. His work is the result of meditation and serenity, and he puts a rich pallet and pure technique at the service of his pictorial conception. Malvehy offers us a pictorial discourse full of flavours, freedom and creative intelligence.

                                                             J. LLOP S.

Eduardo Malvehy's work has post-Cubist features, with a certain naïveté but never childish, with its typical strength of colour and flat shapes, but always with a brilliant maturity in the result. This is perhaps not innovative painting, but I see it as brimming with modernity, with today's feelings, with environments, vivid or not, but always well observed, studied and expressed in their most basic essence.

Urban landscapes, seascapes, all with their own light, seem to be imaginary worlds, but there is a touch of reality, a bewitching reality, an enviable reality, because nothing bad can happen here. In short, this is painting which will transport you once again to another world, a different, creative world with a geometry that makes full use of colour, so that you can lose yourselves with no fear of not returning. Painting in which the serenity of the artist himself is reflected in his works. Scenes presented to us always as clean, clear, smooth as peach skin.

                                                                            TATIANA BLANQUÉ

All painter Eduardo Malvehy's landscapes show an impressive, profound serenity, with which he transforms his chosen themes to present us with a personal vision. With acute sensitivity, he shows us that the eye can sublimate our surroundings, with only the light of poetic intention. There is nothing superfluous in his work. Everything is structured, based around a clear creative idea in which volumes, planes and distance form a whole, in which light reveals to us the beauty and harmony of the traditional architecture of Europe's cities and villages, which Malvehy has assimilated with all his passion for beauty.

                                                                     JOAN SUNYOL

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