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Eduardo Malvehy was born in Barcelona, Spain, and since 1970 he is dedicated to painting entirely.

He is a self-taught artist who has developed his technique and his style during his many years of travel throughout Europe, searching for the rich variety of the traditional architecture of towns and villages of every country or region. American architecture has also inspired him.

His favorite subject matter consists in urban landscapes, very often related with water, like ports with colorful boats moored or agin houses reflected on a river. He is fascinated with the warm colors of the Mediterranean countries as much as with the subtle grays of the North.

With his very personal technique, with an increasing influence of Cubism, he renders the beauty and the atmosphere of each place that inspires him. The misty canals of Amsterdam or the stark whiteness of the houses of Greece allow him to express his creativity in the style he has mastered over the years.

Abstraction, expressed with his personal technique, lets him show the pure plastic creation, free from any reference to reality.

Eduardo Malvehy has received several awards such as the First Prize in Aix-en-Provence, or the Silver Medal in Evian and Arles. His paintings have been exhibited in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany and the United States, always successfully.

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